Modular container for shelter and technical room

Technical shelter in kit formThe modular shelter in kit form allows to quickly get a prefabricated technical room. Reliable and movable, the shelter in kit form allows to deliver equipment shelters securely throughout the all world.
Depending on your needs, it is yielding to your technical obligations: resistance, insulation, surface, air conditioning, aesthetics, etc.
The wide diversity of equipment and options make it a product adaptable to many prefabricated technical rooms.
Our team remains at your disposal to design the plans and offer you a project delivered as quickly as possible in the harbour of your choice.

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What is the shelter in kit form?

The shelters in kit form are insulated containers, manufactured with sandwich panels. It enable to create prefabricated technical spaces for numerous applications  (in French link) such as: GSM, photovoltaic, electric, data centre, telecommunications, military, water treatment, IT, …

Made to measure and pre-equipped, every shelter is completely supplied with the accessories:

  • The whole electricity with the accessories,
  • Openings such as doors equipped with door stopper (as an option), door closer…,
  • Insulated walls, over-roof, flooring ….

Our kits are complete and ready to be assembled!

Download the information picto pdfShelters in kit form

Blueprint of a sandwich panel

Assests of the technical room in kit form


The design of the shelters in kit form and the modularity of it allow us to propose technical room which are fitting perfectly with your technical expectations. Our units are manufactured on request respecting your plans and specifications.
Moreover, we are able to assist you on particular dimensions: length, width and height. Indeed, thanks to the combination of several units, it is possible to create wide spaces, from few to hundreds of square meters.
We are offering multiple technical option such as:

  • Resistance of the shelter to outside obligations (floor load, wind …)
  • forklift pocket
  • Insulation depending on your expectations (thickness of the sandwich panels, over-roof)
  • Strenghtened panels on the steels (up to 6/10 internal and external)
  • Wooden cement floor (instead of OSB or plywood)
  • Antistatic PVC
  • Safety door, 3-point lock, door closer, panic bar …
  • Aeration grids, air puller, air conditioning
  • Wire path, cable passage
  • Electricity with occupancy sensors
  • Etc.
Technical room in kit form Structure of a modular shelter in sandwich panels

Transport fluency and economy

Construction site bungalow in kit form packaged flatAsset of the kit delivery of the technical room

The kit form delivery allows to highly lower the carriage costs by limiting the volumes. Depending on the size requested for each shelter, it is not unusual to deliver 15 to 20 shelters in kit form in just one 40 feet maritime container.
Indeed, instead of being usually 2.5 meters tall, a standard shelter (40 mm of walls in sandwich panels) is just 45 to 50 cm tall (deliverable version).

CIF delivery ti the nearest harbour, all around the world

Used to work in Africa, we can deliver your technical room, mainly CIF (incoterm 2000) to all the African and North African harbours.

Inside layout of a technical containerSpeed

Geared to your technical expectations, we can manufacture the first shelters within 5 or 6 weeks. Indeed, our factory count more than 200 employees and is strongly integrated. We are also manufacturing the openings (doors and windows) and we own 3 production lines of sandwich panels. All of this gives us a lot of flexibility and the chance to answer to some request that are sometimes very specific.

The additional services of Containers Solutions

Containers Solutions, over all, provides efficient technical solutions and a strong expertize to deliver shelters suitable to your needs.

To discover our range of modular shelters, visit our website completely dedicated to it, (in french)

Accompanying for the assembly of the shelters

The shelters are often answering to a logical sequence. In general, after the assembly of the shelter, the client is fully autonomous. We are offering to you to accompany you during the assembly process:

  • Through a detailed assembly manual (that should be sufficent),
  • With the help of a supervisor on site (on estimate only).

Safety and quality of the products and projects

On request and depending on the projects, we can set up prior visit of the factory in order to show you our capacity and industrial organisation and then finalize the technical details. A quality background at the end of the production process will be done by us or an independent agency (on estimate only).

Our goal is to reasure you and to bring you tranquility!

Technical shelter in kit form Technical room with a wooden cladding

Uses of the technical shelters in kit form

Our shelters are multipurpose and are used for many activities and application of technical room. Here are some of its potential applications:

  • Photovoltaïc shelter / converter room
  • Electrical shelter
  • Fibre optic shelter
  • Storage shelter
  • GSM or telecommunication shelter
  • Data centre or IT shelter
  • Shelter for water treatment unit
  • Energy shelter / power generator
  • Military shelter
  • And many more….

In brief, whatever your project or your need of a technical container might be, consult us to get a quick and free estimate.

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The modular building mode also enables to propose to you reception sentry boxes, sentry posts or polyester cabins.